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If your name was Michael Morris, what would your login name be?
where should you NOT put your password card once you receive it?
In your purse/wallet
At home in your desk
In the glove box of your car
On the computer of the room you are working in
Where do you go to find the files (flipcharts, online resources) that a teacher leaves for you?
In the SubLessons Folder
To the Office
The Teacher across the hall
In the top left drawer of the teacher's desk
What can you do to get rid of the "Page Browser" in ActivInspire
Click the red X on the top right of the screen
Click the button on the top left of the page browser
ask a student to close the window
It will go away on it's own
True or False: If you use the Pen tool, you can still see under it if you draw on something
If you have a link to a video, which tool do you have to use to click on the link
Highlighter Tool
Shape Tool
Pointer tool
Pen Tool
What Letter was the flipchart covering?
What was in the video that opened up?
Just to make sure you were paying attention ;-)
Suzie's Dog
A man Dancing to "Hound Dog" by Elvis