Technology at MISD

Our mission at the dist tech department is to actively support the district's educational goals. We strive to set a direction that encourages innovation - not for its own sake, but to support and improve education.

Background services:

We provide a robust infrastructure at each campus that is designed to support learning. Over 1,300 individual devices are connect each day to the outside world using wired and wireless technology. As a part of the WTTC regional telecommunications consortium, we work to maintain world-class connectivity in our corner of West Texas. Each campus has full wireless coverage and density to support student learning through tablets, laptops, and other handheld devices. Each teacher also has access to cutting-edge tools such as interactive whiteboards, laptops, planning software, and diverse web-based tools.

Planning for innovation

In order to remain responsive to district needs, we revise our technology plan annually based on input from students, teachers, and administrators. We actively encourage the adoption of new learning strategies that incorporate technology in the classroom to reach every student. Our infrastructure planning is designed to stay "ahead of the curve," so that teachers can try new tech-based tools and techniques without frustration. We also plan and encourage innovation by supporting our Technology Integration Specialists. These specialists are actively involved in helping teachers to design and use lessons and projects incorporating new ways to reach students. These specialists are available to all teachers at all campuses.

It's NOT about the technology! It's about education.

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